Importance of translation in business communication

August 26th, 2021

Expanding your business into new markets is not only a matter of communicating your product to future customers and buyers, but also a matter of communicating with those involved in the operations of your business around the globe. There are many people involved in making your business ventures successful, and flawed translation documents could lead to hurtful repercussions to your company.

Translation for government documents

Launching your business in a new region or country means needing to comply with local governments and legal requirements. Failure to comply with governmental regulations would certainly stop any efforts to expand in these new markets. Legal documents contain an abundance of sensitive information regarding your business’ model, terms and conditions, and finances, which are then passed on to government for approval. A company looking to grow should put their trust in professional translation services who have knowledge of appropriate technical terminology and of local governmental policies to have your documents approved and get you ready conduct business in the new country.

Reaching out to stakeholders

When expanding your company globally you will need to secure stakeholders in your new market to push your business to success. Two very important stakeholders will be investors and suppliers. Communicating with investors in the native language of their country is important to build confidence and strong relations. You want them to have a clear and transparent understanding of every aspect of your company, including company goals and financial data. A professional translation service helps to facilitate this discussion and ensures clear understanding between you and your investors.

Professional translation services are also essential when it comes to communication with your global suppliers and distributers. Clear and accurate translations help these stakeholders understand exactly what your company needs. Professional translators have the technical knowledge to proficiently translate your supply and distribution needs to ensure accurate services are provided to you in global markets.

Communicating with foreign employees

Professional translation companies can help you send communications to company employees and partners in other countries that retain their original meaning and are adapted to their native tongue with proper cultural language. Messages in other languages may need to be tweaked in ways that a freelance translator may not anticipate, including modifying dates, times, currencies, and brand names to the proper standard of other countries. As professional translators, we can ensure that messages sent to workers in the company accurately retain their intended meaning and that everyone in the company, no matter their preferred language of communication, receive the same information.

Many people are involved in the global expansion of your business. Professional translation services are here to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding your company and your needs, and to work with you to make your global outreach a success.

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