The benefits of using a professional translator

July 7th, 2021

Do you have compelling content to translate and are tempted by the idea of saving costs by using the services of a seemingly bilingual acquaintance?

Well, the money you might save won’t make up for the unintentional damage inflicted upon you.

Depending on the field in which you work, the miscommunication caused by a non-professional translation could range from slightly bothersome to severely hindering.

It is always highly recommended to hire a professional translator from the outset, as the quality that these professionals bring to the table is incomparable to that of bilingual friends or colleagues with no specialized education, training, and experience.

Professional translators have spent years pursuing an academic degree in translation, plus additional years acquiring professional experience.

On top of their linguistic backgrounds, in most cases they have also acquired specialization in a specific field such as finances, marketing, medicine or law, which means that they have a professional understanding of the subject matter they are going to translate. With this background, they produce an intelligent, reader-friendly translation, without the usage of irrelevant, outdated, ambiguous, or unclear terms.

Professional translators are trained to provide not only accuracy and consistency, but also cultural awareness. This means that their work will never be a word-for-word translation, but a perfectlyselected equivalent of the original phrases crafted into the target language and geography, requiring no extra effort to understand.

As professionals, they also have a unique feel for languages and may make suggestions on how to adjust the text for a more enjoyable reading experience, which may reap many benefits for you, not the least of which is making a good impression on a client.

In a highly competitive world in which time is scarce and excellence has no alternatives, a professional translator should not be viewed as an expense, but rather an investment in your piece
of mind, as well as assurance for your end-readers that you care about their comfort and take your mutual business seriously.

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