How can professional translation services help you sell products to global markets?

August 16th, 2021

Deciding to expand your business and its products to foreign markets can be a daunting task. While you’re studying your new market for the best course of action to move forward, the last thing you should have to worry about is a poor translation ruining your company’s message to potential clients.

Putting your translation in the hands of a professional translation company ensures your needs are met in an all-encompassing manner and you are ready for maximum outreach globally. We are here to prepare your products for global success.

Presenting a cohesive brand

To sell your product or brand to a new market, you need to ensure that the message you put out to customers is clear and understandable. All companies have a distinct brand, and a poor translation can greatly hinder global expansion if you are not expressing the right vision to customers.

A professional translation company takes good care of your brand and prioritizes getting your message across as it was originally intended. We make sure that customers know exactly who you are, what you do, and what you’re offering them, in any language.

Market localization and building confidence

When launching business and products into a new global market, an important goal should be to build trust with your customer base. A confident clientele is one that secures greater attention to your services and a higher company revenue.

A key component of translation to achieve this trust is localization. This means not only presenting fluent translations to potential customers, but also making sure to use local language and dialects which show knowledge of local culture and people. This concept is applicable to all aspects of translation your company may need, whether that be translation of legal documents, financial reports, business cards, advertisements, product labels and packaging. We want every aspect of your business and products to be marketed specifically for the industry or retail space intended.

For example, if you wish to translate an English product label to Spanish, the words and expressions that would be used to translate the product being sold in Spain versus in Mexico would be different. Even the simplest of words need a professional touch to feel genuine to your market. If you wanted to talk about a “computer” in Spain, you would say “Ordenador”. However, if you are in Mexico, you would be referring to a “Computadora”.

Languages change all over the world, and you need a professional translation service on your side who has translators with specialized knowledge of cultures and linguistics in any part of the globe you want to reach. Professional translators can be the bridge you need between your product and a foreign market to succeed.

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